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So while we wait and hope to watch, I suppose it’s back to that lesbian flick that actually never mentions the term lesbian, ‘but it is a lesbian movie, really!’ for the 20th time. Or is it the 21st time?

So all in all, the whole internet dating idea was shaping up to be a complete bust. At the time I had decided my “trusted advisor” should be demoted to “mindless nitwit”, especially since he had just gotten engaged (looking back, though, it was just my bitterness doing the thinking for me). I had chatted with a few women online from that website that never actually became dates – mentioning their therapist, the vast number of men they have slept with, and many other issues that I shudder at the thought of were a bit of a turn-off for me. Needless to say, I was very frustrated with the idea of internet dating.

Anyways, I had one more date lined up and I decided that I would deactivate my profile on this dating site whether she was a keeper or not. This woman, who we will call Jennifer, showed a lot of promise. She was very well-spoken, did not drink heavily/carry a badge and gun, actually had a full time job, and did not have any ex-boyfriend issues that I knew of. Jennifer worked as a veterinary assistant, which I thought was nice because she liked animals. I had always been a dog person, and I especially liked the big dogs like labs and retrievers, so that became a frequent online topic for us. She seemed like a down-to-Earth, normal girl and yes, I did see several pictures of her before agreeing to meet.

After introductions were made I picked my jaw up off the ground and we walked into the bar. I had certain expectations based upon the outside appearance of this place as to how the inside should look and they certainly did not disappoint me.